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Gade for cache owners

English language

As a cache owner, you can help the finders by inserting a link in the cache listing, that will open a "Gade" with a predefined formula. It the link is clicked on an Android device, the Gade for Android App is opened, otherwise the Gade for Java Applet is opened.

The link can contain a number of variables with the name and value:

Text information shown on the app. For example the GC number.
The formula is inserted in the formula field, så that the finder don't have to copy it himself.
Entry method. Choose "letters" if the answer ischaracter based.
You can insert the answer to the challenge in the input field, but there wouldn't be any challenge!

The variables is added after the web address and a "?", separated with "&". For example:
    <a href="
º 4a.khe' - E012º 3h.dge'">N55º 4a.khe' - E012º 3h.dge'</a>

which will give the link: N 55° 4a.khe' - E 012º 3h.dge' to start the App with a predefined formula field.

Note that special characters must be URL-encoded. The conversion will normally take place when you submit the listing.